SEES User Group Committee Election 2024

The SEES User Group is comprised of current, former, and potential future users of the facilities operated by SEES.  Anyone with an interest in SEES activities can join this group.  SEES views the SEES Users Mailing List as the list of users (about 1850 people as of March 2024).

This large group of users will organize themselves according to a set of by-laws (currently in draft form), and elect a SEES User Group Committee to represent all users to the SEES Principal Investigator and SEES Executive Committee (see SEES leadership).  According to these by-laws, the SEES User Group Committee will have 8 elected members, and they will choose 2 of its members to meet regularly with the SEES Executive Committee and help organize community events. Importantly, the first charge for that elected body is to finalize and adopt the by-laws. The terms for the members of the SEES User Group Committee will be decided by the committee itself.

Election Results

In March 2024, an election was held for the inaugural SEES User Committee. The election winners are:

  • Wenli Bi
  • Maryjo Brounce
  • Bin Chen
  • Martin Kunz
  • Dan Shim
  • Jin Zhang
  • Wen-lu Zhu
  • Claire Zurkowski